Education & Outreach

A key component of the Native Stroke Registry project is education and community outreach. Stroke is not well understood within Native cultures and many front-line medical providers are not fully aware of key stroke symptoms, impacts or the urgency of care required.

To further the goal of community networking and education the ANSR team is committed to:

Establish a community based advisory committees to ensure cultural sensitivity of outreach materials and approach
Facilitate conduct of surveillance in communities and secure community ownership of project
Establish a foundation of stroke care in rural settings through:
Increased awareness level of first responder health care providers
(Community Health Aides, Village Public Safety Officers)
Education of community members about the seriousness and potential impacts of stroke
Develop instructional materials specific to decreasing risk factors for primary (before a stroke occurs) and secondary (after a stroke to prevent another) stroke prevention
Educate at local and statewide forums offering stroke education to Community Health Aides, clinical providers, community leaders
Collaborate with the Stroke Task Force which a statewide partnership with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association exploring stroke care in , identifying opportunities for improvement and coordinating long-term strategies for improving care

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